The leaderboards are based on the number of views, videos and engagements on YouTube. Who mastered the YouTube algorithm and used YouTube’s potential to the full? Check it out in our latest leaderboard on the best national football teams on YouTube!



While France didn’t win the European Championship in 2016, on YouTube however they are the clear winner of this year. Equipe de France de Football has used YouTube’s full potential and ranks on spot number 1 in all categories. With 638 uploaded videos, the French team generated more than 53 million views and 1.5 million engagements in the last 365 days. The video which generated the most views with 1.9 million views in the given period was a five minute summary of the 7:1 match against Ukraine. The video, which achieved the most engagements with 45.9K, is about a visit of the players to Clairefontaine, the FIFA medical center. Despite the apparent success, the team could use YouTube’s community tab to their advantage to generate even more engagement.


England ranks spot number 2 in terms of views and engagements op YouTube. Through 182 uploaded videos, almost 44 million views and 962K engagements could be achieved. The video with the most views of 1.9 million is a highlight video from the playlist World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. 69K engagements were reached through a video on quizzes between the players.


German Football ranks third in terms of views with almost 30 million views and 517K engagements, although only 145 videos were uploaded last year. On the other hand, the club is very active in the community tab, where daily posts in the form of GIFS, memes, polls and match results are made. Two videos, which generated the most views with 2.9 million views each, are about match highlights of country matches and DFB Cup finals. Among the channel’s latest content are videos of entire games as well as humorous content about which players are the funniest or can date the best.


Ons oranje ranks in the solid midfield. Despite only 147 uploaded videos, our national team reaches the fifth place regarding views, with 6.9 million views. The views of the Dutch team are generated through use of a variety of different formats (Follow the waveMatch highlights, Player cams, E-oranje)and even long form live streamed training sessions. This way they give the viewer an exclusive look behind the scenes. In terms of engagements on YouTube they occupy the 8th spot, 109,000 engagements. The best performing video has 411,000 views and is about conversations between the national players in the locker room. The best performing videos of the channel can be found in the branded ‘Gillette Locker room’ series. Due to the upcoming European Championship, the channel is also active in the community tab since the last two weeks, which favors the algorithm and the engagement with the community.


Among the top 12 national teams, it is noticeable that FA Wales and Reprezentacja Polski rank last in all three categories considered. Why is that? With only 86 uploaded videos in the given period, FA Wales ranks in all three categories on the last spot. A closer look at the videos reveals that the organic optimization of the content in terms of description, video SEO and use of hashtags has not been carried out. The community tab also remains unused, so especially so shortly before the European championship there is a lot of potential for improvement.

In general, it can be said that national football teams should make even more use of YouTube’s enormous reach, especially now with the European championship coming up. The potential of all channels has not been sufficiently exploited. It is also remarkable that only 12 teams, and thus half of all participating teams in the European Championship, are represented with a channel on YouTube at all. Large and well-known football teams in particular, which rank at the bottom in our lists, should take this analysis as a wake-up call, come up with a suitable YouTube strategy and optimize their content.





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