Is your brand the pioneer which wants to take video content a step further? Then YouTube offers plenty of opportunities! But you might be thinking: how can my brand stand out on a video platform where more than 600 hours of content are uploaded every minute? It is certainly possible, but with an old-fashioned approach this will be difficult. As a brand, think beyond simply uploading your TV commercial at random. Claim the expert role, through relevant help content. Help content that your consumer really needs, at a time when the consumer himself is orienting on a future purchase. In 2022 consumers will watch YouTube whenever it suits them. This offers enormous opportunities to be there as “the specialist” when your target audience makes a buying decision. In a non-intrusive way; without causing annoyance to the YouTube user.

And another key of success is Connected TV. Over 21% watches YouTube content every week on the biggest screen in their living room: the television. The benefits? More attention, longer viewing time and … sometimes even the whole family watches. The ways in which YouTube content is viewed is therefore further developed. This provides opportunities for the production and distribution of video content. For example, as a brand you can show the Smart TV streamers videos that are more focused on awareness, where the mobile viewers get to see content with a focus on conversion. Which brings me to the next thing: the numerous possibilities of YouTube Advertising.

Thanks to the integration with the Google Ecosystem, you can reach the right customers thanks to specific targeting. You can see who is watching, on which device they are watching most, which websites they are visiting and which apps they are downloading. The result: more impact and less waste of your advertising budget.

Finally, YouTube offers numerous possibilities in the area of content creation. As a brand you can go crazy and conquer the heart of your viewer: everything is possible. Think of long-form product reviews of about twenty minutes, in which you show your consumer all the ins and outs of your latest product. But also with YouTube’s newest feature called ‘YouTube Shorts‘, you can attract thousands of subscribers per month to your channel with short user-generated clips (up to 60 seconds). Want to learn more about using YouTube Shorts? Then watch our free webinar here. So all in all, with YouTube you’re not bound to one type of content. Often, combining multiple formats is the key to success.


An example of a brand that has made optimal use of the diverse possibilities of content creation is Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform wanted to gain more exposure among Dutch film/TV fans for their various originals and exclusives. After a data-driven study of the subcultures on the internet and their distinctive language, it became clear how to communicate with them in the best way and through what content they should do so. Instead of using the usual ads (short videos or 30 second commercials), memes, special edits and popular clips were created. The viewers were not used to seeing these funny, tailor-made ads, but they loved it. Thanks to the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a thoughtful ad strategy, Amazon Prime Video’s channel became more popular than ever. The results? A steady base of 300,000 viewers per day, peaking at nearly a million and reaching a total of more than 35 million views.


Many brands may think that they have missed their chance on YouTube, but the opposite is true: right now you can stand out more than ever. This is thanks to the shift in viewing behavior, the new algorithm, the many new advertising opportunities and the growth of Connected TV. Yet many marketers don’t know where to start. The right approach to be present on YouTube quickly seems too expensive or too complicated. Often there are still many questions or uncertainties. YouTube Agency Team5pm has done research into the needs of marketers and has listed the most important questions:

#1 How do I claim a domain on YouTube and Google?
#2 What content should I create?
#3 How do I get more views on my existing content?
#4 How can I increase my brand preference?
#5 How can I effectively advertise on YouTube?

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