Generating attention with YouTube advertising

Attention on YouTube works just a little differently than on other social platforms. This is because the intention of the YouTube user is vastly different from that of other platform users on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. YouTube is the largest VOD platform in the world, and that says quite a bit about what viewers come to get. Besides being an entertainment platform, it is also the place where people flock for orientation and inspiration. People watch the summary of Formula 1 back, but they also search for a recipe for chicken soup. And that’s when your brand jumps in with a YouTube ad. Only how do you make sure it doesn’t get clicked away then?

The how: data-driven targeting and content creation

By reposting an existing TV commercial or a Facebook video on YouTube, you’re not there. You want to reach those people who are interested in your product or service. In order to achieve real attention. But how do you do this? How do you find these people in a haystack consisting of 3 million daily YouTube users in the Netherlands? Tune the content you create and the targeting you set to the target group!
This way you influence 85% of the effectiveness of an ad.

Stop making choices based on gut feeling, let data speak for you. Before you start advertising on YouTube, consider data-driven audience research!
Audience research gives you insight into the behaviour and interests of your target audience. How do they move within the Google Ecosystem? We know which websites they visit regularly, which apps they use, what they search for and what YouTube content they like to watch. In doing so, we look not only at the advertiser, but also at relevant competitors. We then translate those insights into content on the one hand, and spot-on targeting on the other.

To ensure that the ad keeps the viewer glued to the message, the video is key. A video has to appeal. But that is tricky. The increasing media supply and the declining concentration curve add to the complexity of this challenge. One brand that has defied this challenge is provider KPNKPN wanted to claim the WiFi domain on YouTube. A data-driven audience research provided insight into competing channels and videos and mapped the most searched topics around YouTube. This way, KPN knew exactly what kind of videos the target audience really wanted to see. Our in-house creative studio translated these into six how-to’s that answer the most wanted questions around WiFi.
You then distribute that strong video to the right target group using the right targeting. Audience research also helps with that. The intent signals of your target group within the Google Ecosystem form the input for a targeting strategy. This way, you reach those who are most interested in your content. The insights from KPN’s audience research resulted in a smart advertising strategy consisting of skippable in-stream campaign and in-feed ads. This is how we reached the people who were looking for WiFi-related topics. The result? Thousands of hours of viewing time.
Strong video? Check! Spot-on targeting? Check! You have the attention, but what do you do with it next?

Following up attention

The answer is: following up attention! But how do you, as an advertiser, translate that attention into action?

In the coming years, Google and YouTube will increasingly merge. The video platform will play a bigger role in the middle and last stage of the traditional marketing funnel. Indeed, the platform is developing at lightning speed in terms of performance. For instance, granola brand Oot Granola managed to generate actual sales through YouTube ads. Curious about how? Then read more here.

For now, I will highlight two recent trends: the lead form extension and YouTube shopping

1) Adding a lead form to your video ad allows action to be taken directly from YouTube. The extension is an efficient method of generating quality leads. Target the group of people who watched the previous video(s) with attention and enrich your CRM system with quality leads. Read more about lead forms here.

2) Or let your target group buy your products right away. By adding a product feed to your video, a form automatically unfolds below the ad. Users can select a product image to go directly to the product’s landing page.

YouTube advertising Aandacht genereren Leadform

In short, YouTube is working hard to prepare the platform for the next phase and translate attention on the platform into a more tangible value. Wondering how we at Team5pm achieve maximum attention for our clients? Or how we translate that attention into clicks, leads, and sales? Then get in touch!

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Generating attention within the competitive media landscape is becoming increasingly difficult for brands. People are being reached daily with countless ads, but how many of these are actually viewed attentively? Advertising on YouTube is the way to generate quality attention and then follow it up.

Generating attention within the competitive media landscape is becoming increasingly difficult for brands. People are being reached daily with countless ads, but how many of these are actually viewed attentively? Advertising on YouTube is the way to generate quality attention and then follow it up.