We’re well into the digital age, and online shopping has brought about a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for retailers. Add the fact that inflation has put pressure on people’s expendable income. The result? Consumers are planning on spending less money on retail (ING Research, 2022). Time for brands to enhance the way they connect customers to their products. At the right moment; when one’s attention is sparked. And that way might be YouTube…..

YouTube Shopping worldwide with Shopify

63% of YouTube users say that they bought from a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube (Google/Talk whyVideo study, 2020). As more people are turning to YouTube to look for their next purchase and shop from their favorite brands, YouTube wants to make it easy for them to shop across different videos and live streams. That’s why YouTube introduced a way to link Shopify stores with YouTube channels to enable creators and brands to easily feature their products across YouTube. This launch will allow eligible channels to showcase their merch and products to YouTube’s billions of users across multiple surfaces, directly within YouTube. Rather than just putting the link to products in the description. It makes it able for viewers to tap into the credibility and knowledge of trusted brands to make informed purchases directly on YouTube.

Benefits of YouTube’s integration with Shopify

Based on their own transaction data, ING Research predicted that consumers will spend less money on retail in the upcoming second half of 2022. People’s expendable incomes are being pressured and expenses are shifting. It’s a manifestation of the economy’s rising inflation. Yet, that doesn’t have to mean that retailers should just give up. Integrating your Shopify web store with YouTube gives brands numerous benefits.

#1 Increased visibility

You can now feature products directly beneath your content, in end screens and other places across YouTube

#2 Products in Shopify automatically sync on YouTube

If something goes out of stock in your Shopify store, it automatically gets updated on YouTube. You don’t have to worry about disappointing your viewers with out-of-stock messages.

#3 Additional YouTube Shopping features

YouTube Shopping offers access to additional Shopping features, such as Live Shopping. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. You can pin your products or tag them during important moments in your YouTube live stream. While checking out, your live stream still continues to play on a smaller screen.

Are you a brand that is making use of YouTube live streams? Yes? Great! No? That’s a shame. Live streaming on YouTube is a great way to generate hours of watch time and new traction on your existing content. Our Lead Growth explains everything you need to know and gives valuable examples. Read more about YouTube live streaming here.

YouTube Shopping Live Shopping

#4 On-site check out

Viewers can buy and discover products without ever leaving YouTube

How to connect your Shopify store to YouTube: a step-by-step

Step 1: Sign into YouTube Studio

Step 2: Select ‘Monetization’ on the left menu

Step 3: Click the ‘Shopping’ tab and click ‘select store’

This tab will only be visible if your channel is eligible.

Step 4: Select ‘Shopify’ and click on ‘continue’

Make sure you’re using the same email address for YouTube and Shopify

Step 5: Open Shopify and select ‘Add app’ to add the Google channel

Step 6: At the top right, click ‘Add sales channel’ and connect your Google account

Step 7: Complete all store requirements and add your Merchant account

Enter your phone information and verify your identity.

Step 8: Sync your product with YouTube? Click on ‘get started’

Be sure your channel meets the channel requirements and click on ‘continue’.

Step 9: Select your YouTube channel from the dropdown menu

Now you can complete your set up!

When is your YouTube channel eligible for YouTube Shopping?

You can start with YouTube Shopping when..

➤ You live in a country/region where the YouTube partner program is available and your channel is approved for monetization

➤ Your channel has more than 1000 subscribers or is an official artist channel.

➤ Your channel audience is not set to Made for Kids and your channel contains only a small number of videos set to Made for Kids.

➤ Your channel has not received a warning for a violation of the community guidelines for inciting hatred

➤ There are not many videos on your channel that violate our channel revenue generation policy.

Want to start with YouTube Shopping?

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