Make more impact with commercials that fit the digital world

we know the rules of the online world, this is how we help your brand transition from TV to online

Online commercials that grab attention and retain it

There has been a nearly 15% decline in TV watch time among countries worldwide, while the costs for advertising on television continue to rise. That is why more brands shift their budget to online. While this might seem a smart move, it is good to keep in mind that the rules for a successful online commercial differ from those of a traditional TV commercial.

A new approach is needed for both production and distribution of video commercials, to grab and retain the attention of your target audience. Check the case of Centraal Beheer to understand how the brand got real results with an online-first commercial.

Our vision you’ll get everything out of your online commercial

How do I know what my online audience wants to see? What content does my viewer need? The answer is: you know that with data!

Data creates relevant hooks for creating a concept for commercials. By combining this with creativity, we produce advertising campaigns that your target group loves and watches with full attention. Our tool topictree helps us get to know your audience. Topictree continuously analyzes watch and search behavior data from the world’s largest (video) platforms. Thus, we get real-life data on what your target audience likes to watch. This is how we create effective commercials that fit the online world.

What we create

As a data-driven content group, we put your target group on #1 and create effective content that builds strong brands.


  • social

    the Prime Original Van A naar Onbekend combined with smart social distribution turned an online community into Prime Video subscribers. A high quality tv series with an online vibe.

  • online commercials

    with data-driven YouTube ads and a strong media plan we generated real impact in the transition from offline to online

  • online commercials

    personalized Volkswagen ads: more than a million viewers saw the ads and more than half sticked around - while they could also skip

  • online commercials

    Centraal Beheer strengthened its bond with business owners, proving that this niche group can be reached with an online-only video ad on YouTube

introducing… the sweet spot

Where the worlds of facts and imagination meet.


How we work

One central approach with data as the common thread.

With data on your audience we find your sweet spot. Where your target group is, but your competition isn’t.

We produce or optimise a creative commercial specifically tailored to a specific platform.

We blow up your sweet spot. With a strong targeting we make sure you’ll get maximum reach.

We make sure the best version of your ad gets measurable results with research and pre-testing.

Beter Bed’s online commercial grabs attention and retains it – for a lower price

By playing by online rules, Beter Bed achieves 30% more impact (read: completed video views) on their media budget.

  • We compared the TV version to the online version.

  • The difference in CPCV is 38%.

  • The online version retains attention longer and better.