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Insight into the total impact of YouTube

The effect of YouTube on brands goes beyond reach, views and clicks. Team5pm generates quality attention for your brand on YouTube – both organic and paid. That attention has an impact on the knowledge, attitude and behavior of your target group. But how do you make the effect transparent?  How do you measure the total impact of YouTube?


With our Brand Effective Measurement solution, we measure the exact effect that viewing behavior – organic and paid – has on brand metrics such as brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intention. In this way, we provide insights into the total impact of YouTube. 


YouTube (as well as Facebook) offers access to these metrics with Brand Lift Studies, but these studies have some major drawbacks. For example, they can only be used for advertisements, with no possibility of measuring organic viewing behavior. Additionally, they require substantial investments in terms of ad spend and are very limited in the metrics you can measure. Fortunately none of these drawbacks apply to our solution. 


In addition to measuring the effect of your own efforts on YouTube, our research products provide insight into the effect influencer marketing has on your brand. You no longer need to rely on vanity metrics such as likes and comments. Instead you can measure the actual impact that influencer marketing has on your brand and sales. From these studies and effect measurements, you can accurately map the entire ROI of influencer marketing to make better decisions on who to work with to achieve your goals. We also help our customers select the right influencers for their campaigns with data analysis.  


Strategy and Research

We take the guesswork out of YouTube marketing by basing our strategies on wisdom accumulated from data analysis, research and from our many years of combined experience. As a result, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.

Channel Growth

By skillfully combining organic and paid promotions, we help generate more growth, more views, longer watch time and greater impact. With our data-driven approach, we ensure that your videos are easily found and recommended more often.


We produce videos that people want to watch and that the YouTube algorithm loves. Whether you want effective advertisements, entertaining content or search-driven videos, we are the team to help your brand from data to watch time to results.


Advertising on YouTube is an entire job unto itself. A job that we have mastered like no one else. We know precisely how to reach, engage and convert the right target group with attractive advertising campaigns on the largest video platform in the world.

YouTube Labs

Labs is the world's first YouTube-only research company. We help brands, advertisers and publishers measure, predict and optimize the effectiveness of their YouTube content. With data- and customer-driven research, we generate more reach and qualitative attention, so you get the maximum return on your YouTube budget.

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Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!