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We protect and manage your content on YouTube for total control, fewer infringements and more revenue


YouTube’s guidelines are getting stricter. The reason for this is the platform wants to be suitable for all of its viewers (including children) and for its advertisers. Because violations are being punished more frequently, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest copyright and community guidelines.

At Team5pm we keep a close eye on these developments.  Doing so ensures your channels remain in good standing and provide you with optimal returns. As a part of this, we provide support for copyright issues including claims and strikes against channels in order to prevent YouTube from taking action against channels with recurring issues. Additionally, we optimize the advertising setting of your channel as well as help prevent ‘demonetized’ videos. 

The three standard YouTube monetization policies (monetize, block and track in all countries) may not always be enough to protect your YouTube channel’s videos. For example, when the rights for a video or live stream have not been purchased for worldwide viewing or when there are separate channels for different local markets, we help create customer policies so that your videos or live streams are only visible in the exact geo locations you want them in. This helps prevent copyright issues and makes creating content for a specific market possible. 


With current technology it is very easy to use someone else’s content without asking permission from the rightful owner. Consequently we have seen an enormous increase of ‘illegal’ uploads on YouTube.  

This escalation makes it increasingly more difficult for channels to take action against these infringements.  For this reason, through the Team5pm Network, we have access to YouTube’s Content ID system with which we can easily identify and manage your videos. Videos that you upload in this system are compared with the entire YouTube database; any similarities are immediately approached with the chosen policy. In short, with YouTube’s copyright scan we can track down all re-uploads and take immediate action.  

While YouTube offers just the standard three policies (monetize, block and track in all countries), we are able to create custom policies. For example, you can permit the usage of short fragments of your content to others, still monetize it, but block the use of full episodes. Or you can allow third parties abroad to use your content, but block the usage here in the Netherlands to prevent competition with your own channel. In this way, we protect your YouTube content for full control, increased ad revenue and can even help with handling of claims.


Strategy and Research

We take the guesswork out of YouTube marketing by basing our strategies on wisdom accumulated from data analysis, research and from our many years of combined experience. As a result, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.

Channel Growth

By skillfully combining organic and paid promotions, we help generate more growth, more views, longer watch time and greater impact. With our data-driven approach, we ensure that your videos are easily found and recommended more often.


We produce videos that people want to watch and that the YouTube algorithm loves. Whether you want effective advertisements, entertaining content or search-driven videos, we are the team to help your brand from data to watch time to results.


Advertising on YouTube is an entire job unto itself. A job that we have mastered like no one else. We know precisely how to reach, engage and convert the right target group with attractive advertising campaigns on the largest video platform in the world.

YouTube Labs

Labs is the world's first YouTube-only research company. We help brands, advertisers and publishers measure, predict and optimize the effectiveness of their YouTube content. With data- and customer-driven research, we generate more reach and qualitative attention, so you get the maximum return on your YouTube budget.

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Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!