Strategy and Research

Take the guesswork out of YouTube marketing with our data-driven research and strategies.

Data Research

Many brands still base too much of their content strategy on gut feelings or personal preferences and as a result forget the important role that data plays. YouTube is the largest database of organic viewers’ trends and habits in the world and it is the second largest search engine after Google.With our proprietary and unique methodology, we examine this behavioral data to formulate data-based recommendations and insights to help brands, publishers, advertisers and creators to achieve more results with their content.
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YouTube Strategy

From reach to results with precise content-, distribution- and conversion strategies – we know what to do. Thanks to our many years of combined experience and the use of data analysis and research, we know exactly what works on YouTube. These insights allow us to make strategy decisions earlier that generate more reach, more attention and greater impact for our customers.
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Brand measurement

The effect YouTube has on brands goes beyond reach, views and clicks. The attention it generates has an impact on the knowledge, attitude and behavior of your target group.With our Brand Effective Measurement solution, we measure the exact effect that viewing behavior – organic and paid – has on brand metrics such as brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intention. In this way, we provide insights into the total impact of YouTube.
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Data tells you what happened; insights tell you why it happened. We have seen how standard analytics and dashboarding solutions fall short in delivering the desired insights – especially for multiple or large channels. This is why we have created our own data warehouse compiled from multiple data sources to obtain the insights you need. We present these insights to our customers using a clear and transparent dashboard overview.
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Strategy and Research

We take the guesswork out of YouTube marketing by basing our strategies on wisdom accumulated from data analysis, research and from our many years of combined experience. As a result, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.

Channel Growth

By skillfully combining organic and paid promotions, we help generate more growth, more views, longer watch time and greater impact. With our data-driven approach, we ensure that your videos are easily found and recommended more often.


We produce videos that people want to watch and that the YouTube algorithm loves. Whether you want effective advertisements, entertaining content or search-driven videos, we are the team to help your brand from data to watch time to results.


Advertising on YouTube is an entire job unto itself. A job that we have mastered like no one else. We know precisely how to reach, engage and convert the right target group with attractive advertising campaigns on the largest video platform in the world.

YouTube Labs

Labs is the world's first YouTube-only research company. We help brands, advertisers and publishers measure, predict and optimize the effectiveness of their YouTube content. With data- and customer-driven research, we generate more reach and qualitative attention, so you get the maximum return on your YouTube budget.

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Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would be more than happy to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!