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TikTok Agency

Elevate your brand with a TikTok agency

TikTok is more than just a platform for viral dances and memes; it’s a powerful tool for brands to amplify their voice and reach. As your dedicated TikTok agency, we specialize in increasing your sales, leads, and social media presence.

Data-Driven TikTok Marketing

We analyze TikTok trends, user behavior, and platform-specific nuances to craft a strategy that’s data-driven. This approach translates analytics into actionable insights, offering the most effective TikTok marketing solutions for your brand.

  • Discover the right content to match your audience

  • Drive results with effective video formats

  • Ensure optimal reach with your target group


As a TikTok agency, we attract, engage and convert your audience. With our own data tools, we know exactly what videos your online consumer wants to see.

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Today’s consumers demand quick and visually engaging answers to their questions. A study by Google revealed that 40% of 18-24 year olds rely on short-form video platforms like TikTok as their go-to search engine. As a brand it’s crucial to tap into this shift with a clear and effective strategy.

Take advantage of the rise of searchable short-form content with a TikTok agency

Search behavior is changing. More and more consumers use TikTok as their search engine to find new hotspots, tips and DIYs. This offers huge opportunities for brands to influence consumers with optimised video content. Our automated video SEO technology, TopicTree, tracks and analyzes view and search behavior data from Google, YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, Pinterest and Bing. It’s how we dominated TikTok with #1 rankings just 5 hours (!) after publishing for HEMA. We generated more than 2 million views in just 2 months. Learn more by watching the case movie.

Our services

From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We turn your investment into results.

We are team5pm

Born and raised on YouTube, we use a data-driven approach to create videos that fuel growth. We create content that drives results on all video platforms.

Locations of Team5pm

We work with smart businesses from across the globe

Based in Amsterdam, Cape Town and Stockholm, our team of +100 video experts are globally networked with national and international brands and publishers.

We believe video knows no boundaries. It is a universal language, independent of time and place. Our aim is to innovate the way it is used. Come join us on our journey!

Frequently asked questions
Should I hire a TikTok agency?2023-08-31T13:17:31+00:00

If you aim to make the most out of the TikTok platform, either through organic content or paid advertising, hiring a TikTok agency can be a valuable investment. A TikTok agency brings expertise, insights, and strategies that can propel your brand.

Is it worth having a TikTok agency?2023-08-31T13:17:36+00:00

Absolutely. With TikTok’s growing influence and its distinct content style, having experts who understand the platform can be a game-changer. TikTok agencies can help in tapping into new audiences, enhancing brand visibility, and driving tangible results.

What is a TikTok agency?2023-08-31T13:17:40+00:00

A TikTok agency specializes in creating, optimizing, and promoting content on TikTok. From understanding the TikTok algorithm to leveraging its unique content dynamics, TikTok agencies help brands maximize their presence and achieve their objectives on the platform.

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