Video distribution

A data approach to distribution that ensures organic growth


As your execution partner, we focus on ensuring organic growth for your brand. We optimise the way video content is distributed, on YouTube and beyond.

Het pre-testen en implementeren van jouw video strategie

Pre-testing and implementing your video strategy

With a dedicated video distribution plan we implement your previously formed video strategy. Our in-house distribution experts are solely focused on ensuring organic growth for your brand. They do so by managing your video channels and optimising your video content before it goes live. This could also include the pre-testing of video content and thumbnails through data measurements. With a data-driven video distribution strategy we become your irreplaceable execution partner to take your channels to the next level.

A data approach to video distribution on YouTube and beyond

Our video distribution experts are on an on-going process of data collection. Relevant insights on things such as new trends or features are immediately put into action for your video channel. This means that a video distribution strategy goes beyond just one platform. We ensure organic growth on all video forms and platforms, relevant to you. Think of: Instagram, YouTube Shorts and TikTok. Read more about the importance of video distribution here.

Een data-gedreven aanpak voor videodistributie op YouTube en daarbuiten

Views, subscribers and watch time skyrocketed and top rankings were ensured, thanks to YouTube SEO and an optimised video distribution strategy.

For Dutch garden brand Tuinmanieren, we developed a clear video distribution strategy, by doing an in-depth channel review. This included analysing hundreds of videos on 100+ YouTube SEO points. Over 50 videos as well as the full YouTube channel, playlists and design were optimised with YouTube SEO. The results underline the crazy effects a data-driven video distribution strategy can have. Tuinmanieren ranked number one on YouTube, increased their organic views with +70%, and almost tripled their subscribers with +173%.

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By implementing new trends, stimulating engagement, monitoring performance and building a community with your target group, we make sure your video content grows.

We monitoren continu jouw video performance

We’re continuously monitoring your video performance

We are continuously monitoring the performance of your video content. This means that we make an in-depth report of this performance and when we spot a relevant trend or feature we immediately incorporate it in the back-end of your video channel. Based on data insights on your viewer’s loyalty, we can give clear recommendations. In addition to managing your YouTube content, we can also protect it. With digital rights management, we make sure that the video rights remain with the right person.

A video distribution strategy increases engagement

Do you want to build a community on video platforms such as YouTube or Instagram? We can help skyrocket your engagement! It is how we built a huge community across 5 channels for PokerStars. Read the PokerStars case study here.

Our in-house distribution experts utilise relevant platform features to stimulate conversation and create a loyal following on relevant video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Een distributiestrategie verhoogt engagement van jouw doelgroep
Het spotten van nieuwe kansen voor jouw videocontent

Spotting new possibilities and chances for your video content

A part of organic growth is spotting new possibilities and chances and to actively incorporate them in your video distribution strategy. Day-by-day our in-house distribution experts are diving into platform data and relevant trends, such as Shorts or YouTube livestreams. Consequently, they transform these into concrete recommendations for you video channel. Is there a new video update? We are the first to know, and so are you.


As a full-service YouTube agency we offer a wide range of video services. Explore the full scoop of what we do down below.


We create unique video formats that your audience really wants to see.

Video production

Our production studio creates video content, optimised for your relevant video platforms.

Video strategy

A strategic plan that transforms data into the best possible video solution for your objective.

YouTube advertising

We use Google and YouTube data to get quality attention from the right target group.

Brand measurement

We measure, predict and optimise the impact of your video content on brand KPIs.

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