Data research & video strategy

Get your best possible video strategy, based on data insights

A data-driven video strategy

Reach your brand KPIs by transforming data research into an actionable strategic plan, known as a video strategy

Data as a starting point

Data research and strategy as a starting point of success

After we understand the environment you operate in, your target audience and the goals you want to achieve, data comes into play. We use the Google Ecosystem, YouTube and TikTok as our main data sets.

With insights on content trends, your target group’s viewing behaviour and relevant platform characteristics, we come up with a strategic plan. This plan will be the best possible video solution to reach your goals.

Our data-driven approach to video marketing

We are born and raised on YouTube. This allowed us to develop a unique data driven approach that secures results every time, on any platform and in every layer of the marketing funnel. Long- and short form video content. 

We use video insights on search and viewing behaviour of your audience to ensure that we create content your audience likes to watch, and secure results on every video platform and brand metrics.

A video strategy is always up to date, based on real-time insights

A video strategy based on data research is always up to date

Your target audience keeps moving. So does your video strategy. As soon as your brand-new videos are live, we keep a watchful eye on them.

Our video distribution experts are on an ongoing process of data collection. Every relevant insight they notice is being translated into concrete action points to improve your channel and video content. Just to make sure it stays relevant. Check out how this works in the video strategy of KPN.


GAMMA outperformed their competitors by being the best answer to their audience’s questions and claiming relevant domains in Google and YouTube

The DIY store’s main goal was to dominate search results in YouTube and Google.

  • A total of 1 million views, +112% relative to target

  • 44.000 hours of watch time, +193% above target

  • 91% of all videos ranked in the top 3 in YouTube and Google

Quality attention

Video strategies will help you gain quality attention from your consumer. 

Creativity as part of your strategy

Data-driven creativity as part of your video strategy

Struggling which video formats you have to create? We can help! With a video strategy we offer you a clear compass in which direction to go. We combine data insights on what your target audience is looking for with in-house creativity. As a result we come up with a unique video concept. These creative formats could be either short-form or long-form on all platforms relevant to you. Consequently, we make sure these videos are shown to the right audience.

Generate qualitative attention for your brand with paid video content

Generating quality attention within the competitive media landscape is becoming quite a challenge for marketers. We get it, people are targeted with countless of ads on a daily basis. Yet, how many of these are actually viewed attentively? With data-driven advertising we can enrich your video strategy. We gather intent signals from relevant platform characteristics and your target group’s behaviour within the Google Ecosystem. Based on this, we create a rock-solid targeting that shows your ads to the right person at the right time. Deep dive into one of our advertising strategies.

A paid video strategy generates qualitative attention for your brand.
A video strategy based on influencer marketing is bias-free.

An influencer strategy creates durable brand ambassadors

Tell a story and convey your brand strategy message in a way that appeals to your consumer. Data helps you to let go of the creator perspective and develop an influencer strategy in which your consumer is the focus.

In our strategic partnership, we map the needs and interests of your target audience and select the right influencers: bias-free. This way, we create an influencer campaign that contains content your target audience enjoys, on platforms they actually use. Read more about successful influencer campaigns


From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We change your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time

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