YouTube Advertising

Advertising Strategy

What do we offer? A YouTube advertising strategy that works! Whether it’s a full-funnel strategy, a strategy that aims to achieve maximum reach within your target audience, or a strategy that focuses on generating quality leads. At Team5pm you have come to the right place for a tailor-made YouTube advertising strategy. Even if the objectives are not clear yet, that’s no problem. We are happy to help you think about the optimal deployment of YouTube advertising for your brand. Read the case about how OOT Granola uses YouTube for storytelling and conversion.

Campaign Management

Our specialists are working day in day out to manage advertising campaigns on YouTube. We oversee the entire process of your YouTube advertising campaigns: strategy, creation, optimisation and reporting. Our approach is not based on luck or gut feeling, but it is the result of constantly analysing and optimising each element of YouTube Ads. We combine the best targeting with the most effective creative. That way, we make sure your video gets noticed by the right audience, realizes the attention it deserves, and makes an impact on memory.

Content Creation

Optimized Discovery

Not all content is found organically by your entire target group – even if the videos are fully SEO optimized. To reach, engage and convert the remaining part of your target group, we use our smart advertising approach: Optimized Discovery. With this, we reach everyone who has left high-intent signals within the Google Ecosystem (Chrome, Play, Search) and is actively oriented towards the product or service that you offer. Based on these insights, we serve them your content which we know is highly relevant to them!Want to know how Hyundai combined advertising and organic videos? Read the case here.

YouTube Academy

Do you already have a lot of experience with online advertising but still miss the expertise in the field of YouTube advertising? Or are you (temporarily) missing capacity? We also train and support in-house specialists of our clients in setting up and managing YouTube advertising campaigns. In this way, we get the maximum results from YouTube ads fast and together. We do this with our YouTube Academy.

YouTube Kampagnen-Management

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