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90% of people say that they use YouTube to discover new products. A YouTube advertising strategy can help you gain quality attention from your future consumer.

Why your brand needs a YouTube advertising strategy

Why your brand needs a YouTube advertising strategy

Globally, YouTube and Google are the most used websites in the world, with respectively more than 13 and 45 billion monthly visits leaving Facebook and Instagram far behind. Every age group, regardless of gender, uses YouTube. They listen to music, explore new recipes, compare product reviews or investigate a future purchase through video content. Looking for a way to reach yours at the right time? We offer a customised YouTube advertising strategy that works. Whether it’s full-funnel, aiming to achieve maximum reach or focused on getting quality leads.

Performance advertising on YouTube

Looking for more than reach and attention? Our YouTube advertising strategies don’t end on YouTube, but even drive performance after the click. This way we help you achieve even more. After your prospective consumer has interacted with your YouTube ad, we let them take action during the bottom stage of the marketing funnel: conversion. This performance can take many forms. Think about generating website traffic, gathering quality leads for your webinar, or driving sales for your business. It’s how we sold more subscription-based granola for breakfast brand Oot Granola. Read the YouTube advertising case study here.

Performance advertising on YouTube

Centraal Beheer successfully reaches niche audiences with YouTube advertising. Thanks to the golden formula of the right targeting, ad sequence and online-only video creatives.

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company known for its iconic commercials on Dutch TV. Their goal was to create a unique online-only YouTube advertising campaign to reach business owners – a very niche group.

Our in-house video production studio produced a YouTube-first ad. Based on data, our YouTube advertising experts created a rock-solid targeting and ad sequence. The impressions and view-through-rates skyrocketed and proved that you can successfully reached niche groups on YouTube.

Want to gain quality attention for your brand with YouTube advertising?

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Capturing attention in the current media landscape is becoming more difficult. Data-driven YouTube advertising helps you to get quality attention and then follow it up.

This is how you’ll get more views on YouTube

This is how you’ll get more views on YouTube

Just made an expensive investment on video content, but no views? That’s a shame! YouTube is full of great video content that is not being seen or found. Ideally you want to reach those who have searched, but have not (yet) found or watched your video. Did you know effective ads on YouTube can take many forms? You can even throw off the limit of a maximum length. A 10-minute recipe video as ad? No problem! What about 15-minute product reviews? Yes, you can! On YouTube, you can advertise successfully with long-form content, whether it’s informative or entertaining. With our data-driven targeting strategy your video will get the views it deserves.

We use Google and YouTube data to create targeting without waste

The Google Ecosystem forms a gigantic database with an abundance of information about your target group at your fingertips. Since Google is the mother of YouTube, you can use this data to locate yours. YouTube advertising offers you the possibility to collect high intent signals from all kinds of different entities within the Ecosystem (think: Google Play or Google Chrome). Think of: the apps people download or the keywords they search for. In this way we can create a quality reach with minimal waste. Read more about data-driven targeting here.

We use Google and YouTube data to create targeting without waste

After your YouTube advertising strategy, you’d want to know its effect on brand metrics, right?! We can measure the impact of your video campaign with data.

Measure the impact of your YouTube advertising campaign on brand KPIs

Measure the impact of your YouTube advertising campaign on brand KPIs

With YouTube, you can look beyond campaign KPIs, such as views and subscribers. With quantifiable research, you can get insight into the impact on brand KPIs, such as brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intention. An example of this is Hyundai. They grew their brand recall, brand consideration and brand preference by using long form product reviews as ads. Want to read more ? Click here for the Hyundai case study! With Team5pm Labs, we make the impact of YouTube on brand KPIs transparent by conducting brand measurements.


As a full-service YouTube agency we offer a wide range of video services. Explore the full scoop of what we do down below.


We create unique video formats that your audience really wants to see.

Video production

Our production studio creates video content, optimised for your relevant video platforms.


We distribute video content to maximise reach and ensure organic growth.

Brand measurement

We measure, predict and optimise the impact of your video content on brand KPIs.

Video strategy

A strategic plan that transforms data into the best possible video solution for your objective.

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