Branded Content

Video content for your target audience with proven impact on brand values like brand preference and consideration


There are many ways to reach your (potential) customers. Besides ads, which are often blocked by adblockers, having the right YouTube content produced is a good way to influence important brand values such as brand preference and brand consideration. The important thing here is to have content produced that your target audience would like to see, as well as content that is relevant to your brand. In addition, it is also nice if you have mapped out what the competition is doing (or better: what they are not doing yet), and sometimes you want to work with influencers to make extra impact. So how do you make sure you’re making the right choices? Team5pm makes these choices by first listing all the relevant data.


As with many other agencies, at Team5pm we have inspiring creatives with a good gut who can come up with cool content. But branded video content is often a significant investment, which is why, as a brand, you want a bit more certainty before you start. We therefore always start with a thorough research in which we look for intent signals in the entire Google ecosystem on search behavior and organic viewing behavior. In other words: what is your target audience looking for and what do they like to watch? Within these trends we identify what is relevant to your brand and where there is still room in the competitive field. We also list which influencers would be suitable for a collaboration. Here too, we fall back on data rather than good contacts with an influencer agency or personal preferences.


Within the created framework based on data, we go to work with a creative interpretation and arrive at a branded content concept that fits your brand values and that the target audience would like to watch. Our producers, together with the creative and post-production team, then ensure a high quality production within the agreed budget and timings. After distribution of the content, the entire project is measured, reported and analyzed based on the predefined KPIs. The entire process from data analysis, through strategy, content creation, production, to distribution and measurement is carried out within one team, Team5pm.


We conceptualize and produce new, high-quality video content that connects to peak moments relevant to you, such as launches or annual tentpole events. During the entire production process, all choices and creative interpretations are geared towards a maximum fit with the algorithm of YouTube and Google. This ensures that the content is not only recommended to your current community, but also ranks high in Google & YouTube when people actively search for it.

Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would love to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

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