YouTube Certified – What Does It Mean?

More advertising revenue and full control over your YouTube content – form the ideal working environment for your YouTube channel by being a part of our YouTube network.

Team5pm is one of the few marketing companies in the Netherlands that is YouTube certified. Not only do we know everything about YouTube, but we also offer special YouTube services.

What Does Being a YouTube Certified Agency Mean?

In order to become a YouTube certified agency, we have gained important knowledge about how YouTube works, its algorithm and all the additional features that YouTube has to offer. We can tell you exactly how digital rights management works on YouTube and we know everything about the YouTube network.

What is a YouTube network?

Team5pm is one of the few groups in the Netherlands that offers the possibility to join a YouTube network as a brand or publisher. As a YouTube MCN Partner, we make it possible to get more out of your YouTube channel when it comes to creating the ideal working environment for your channel with the extra options YouTube offers. By working with Team5pm as a YouTube MCN partner, you join a larger network of channels that enjoy the additional services that YouTube offers their MCN partners. With this network you generate more advertising income with your YouTube channel on uploaded content – which means the return on investment on developed content is higher. This makes it more attractive and interesting for advertisers to advertise on your content.

Keep Control Over Your Own YouTube Content

As an MCN Partner, we also help set up extensive content policies to manage your YouTube content.  This way we maintain full control over who can view and use your YouTube content. Do you want your content to only be visibly in the Netherlands? Do you want your content to be entirely non-reusable by other YouTube channels? We can arrange all of this.

Are you curious about what Team5pm can do for you? Please contact us – we are happy to tell you more about our products and services!