Hero Content

We devise and produce new, high-quality video content that is relevant to your peak moments, such as launches or annual tentpole events. During the entire production process, all choices and creative interpretations are geared towards a maximum fit with the YouTube and Google algorithm. This means that the content not only ranks high in Google & YouTube when people actively search for it, but is also extremely suitable for advertising to your target group within the right strategy through discovery and instream ads.


The advertising opportunities on YouTube differ from those of traditional and other social media. Achieving optimal campaign objectives such as maximizing impressions with low CPV and high viewer retention, is achieved by combining an optimal distribution strategy with the production of the right ad assets. Based on data, learning, insights and pre-testing, we developed the ideal YouTube ad that contributes to these objectives. This includes the use of music, voice overs, video length, storytelling, design, branding, use of call to actions and other audiovisual elements.

Shorts & Social

In addition to primarily long-form video content that works well on YouTube to educate or entertain, we devise and produce short-form social content such as vertical videos, memes, GIFs, TikTok reels, Instagram stories, IGTV posts, YouTube shorts, community and social posts. This supporting content increases the number of external links from social media and owned channels to the YouTube videos and channels. This increases the reach and findability of the content production or campaign.

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