Data research for brands

With the new product ‘data research for creatives’, Team5pm finds out which data-driven insights can be relevant for your company. We investigate what trends are happening within the domain or industry in which you and your company are active. We answer questions such as;

  • What is most viewed by men and what by women
  • Which channels are popular within the stated dominion?
  • What lessons can we learn from that?
  • We also watch video length, upload day and much more
  • We prepare the document that is passed on as a briefing by our creative team in order to come up with surprising new content

YouTube Strategy

What questions do consumers have? What question does he ask Google? And what kind of questions is he looking for on YouTube? With the product data research for brands we find out where, which intent lies. This way you, as a brand, find out which video topics are the smartest to make. Team5pm believes that data-driven help content is one of the most successful content types on YouTube. Why? Because as a company you offer the opportunity to touch the consumer with good content that provides an answer to their search question. When you tell us which domain you want to claim on YouTube.

Data research for publishers

As a publisher on YouTube, you run into the same question every day: “What am I going to make for YouTube?” Or: “Why does a newly chosen format work or not?” Team5pm helps you as a publisher with these questions. Do you upload with your team on a daily basis, but is it difficult to draw the right conclusions with the data from YouTube Analytics about the success or failure of a certain format? Or do you just want to find out which trends are hidden behind that data? Then you’re in the right place at Team5pm! We use data research for publishers to find out the trends behind your data. We provide insight into which content scores, expose bottlenecks and give you insight into the topics that are viewed a lot or little. We put all this in a presentation that provides concrete insight into what is going well, what is going better, which threats and opportunities are lurking and how to deal with them.

Are you looking for an original concept on YouTube?

  • Substantive choices based on data
  • An original concept, no longer on gut feeling
  • We discuss what we can do for you



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Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would love to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

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