YouTube for brands: the power of YouTube marketing

Why should YouTube be in the marketing mix of any marketer in 2022? If we break it down to 5 points what YouTube can do for you and your brand. These would be it!

  • Dominate the search results with high rankings on YouTube and Google
  • Achieve more views and qualitative attention
  • Claim your most important domains on YouTube and Google
  • Increase your brand awareness and brand preference
  • Narrow the gap between branding and performance

Data Driven YouTube Strategy

With YouTube’s increasing popularity, many brands are giving the platform a more prominent place in their marketing mix. But YouTube can be utilized so much more extensively, than just using it as an archive or for redirecting TV commercials and influencer campaigns. Start with a data-driven YouTube strategy!
Thinking of YouTube as a search engine opens up a new world of opportunities. Claim top positions within Google and YouTube by using a data-driven Help Content strategy. With our data research we know exactly which videos your target audience wants to see! Answer the most frequently asked questions about your product or service with video content. This way you build a lasting relationship with your target audience and you dominate relevant domains within Google and YouTube. We also did this for KPN in the WiFi and Fiberglass domain, with exceptional results as proof. 

How to succeed in 2022

Are you a brand and do you want to become successful on YouTube? Everything you need to know can be found in our white paper “YouTube for Brands”. We answer the five most frequently asked questions of marketeers about the use of YouTube in their marketing mix. Relevant YouTube insights and cases are discussed, which are the irrefutable proof of the power of YouTube. Download our free white paper ‘YouTube for Brands’ now.

Data Driven YouTube Strategy

GAMMA is an example of a brand that uses YouTube successfully. They came to us with the question of claiming relevant DIY domains on Google and YouTube through video content. Based on data-driven YouTube insights and a Video Topic Research, we took on all facets of YouTube marketing: from a data-driven YouTube strategy and video production to a smart distribution strategy. In this way, we created exactly the videos that GAMMA’s target audience wanted to see. The result? Data-driven How-To videos that make GAMMA dominate the search results in both Google and YouTube! 1 million views, 44,000 hours of viewing time and 91% of video content ranked in the top 3 in Google and YouTube. Read more about the GAMMA case here.


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