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Get brand metrics moving with YouTube marketing


YouTube is the marketing tool to reach your brand goals. The video platform can tackle the following challenges for you as a brand.

Increase your brand awareness and brand preference

Increase your brand awareness and brand preference

Each brand wants to grow. To do this, it is important to acquire converting customers. But before consumers buy from your brand, they first have to know you and prefer you instead of another. Research has shown that YouTube can help with influencing brand KPIs, such as brand awareness and preference. Besides platform metrics like views and subscribers, YouTube has a positive impact in every phase of the marketing funnel. Get brand KPIs moving with YouTube!

More views and quality attention with YouTube advertising

Advertising on TV is becoming incredibly expensive and competition is fierce. As a marketer, you’d might be looking for an alternative that offers the same kind of reach. YouTube advertising can help! Did you know YouTube offers a huge reach on Connected TVs? In september 2022, YouTube even outperformed Netflix in the amount of viewing minutes spent on Connected TV (Nielsen, 2022). Combine this with the fact that YouTube advertising offers high intent data insights from all kinds of entities within the Google Ecosystem. This results into a huge source of information about your audience which we can transform into a rock-solid targeting.

More views and quality attention with YouTube advertising

By being the best answer to their audience’s questions, GAMMA outperformed their competitors and claimed relevant domains in Google and YouTube.

GAMMA is the biggest DIY store in the Netherlands. Their goal was to claim relevant domains within the home DIY market on YouTube and Google.

We conducted data research to know which videos had to be produced. These would then give the right answers people were looking for. The result was a how-to video series that helped the customer every step of the way. We proved that the combination of data-driven research, YouTube and video SEO, content production and smart distribution is the golden formula to dominate the search results in YouTube and Google

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  • Learn from successful YouTube cases

  • Discover how you can measure YouTube’s impact on key brand KPIs.

Narrow the gap between branding and performance

Narrow the gap between branding and performance

As a marketer you invest budget in creating brand awareness and stimulate conversion. But what about the funnel phase in between?

With YouTube you can play a vital role in the consideration phase of the consumer. In fact, people use the platform en masse to find out more about their next purchase. With a clear YouTube marketing strategy based on data about your target group, you can narrow the gap between branding and performance to a bare minimum.

Dominate the search results with high rankings on YouTube and Google

YouTube claims a crucial key role in consumers’ online orientation phase. Research shows that 55% of people search on Google before buying a product and then use YouTube to learn more about it (Search Engine Journal, 2019). Time for you as a brand to start ranking with your video content! Data about your audience’s behaviour in the Google Ecosystem can help you be the right answer to your consumer’s questions, in the form of video.

Dominate the search results with high rankings on YouTube and Google
Claim your most important domains on YouTube and Google

Claim your most important domains on YouTube and Google

Achieving visibility among your target audience is an increasingly difficult issue in today’s media landscape. Google is giving video content a more prominent place in their search results. This makes Google Search an increasingly important traffic source for YouTube videos. So do you want to claim a domain with your brand? Then YouTube marketing can help!


As a full-service YouTube agency we offer a wide range of video services. Explore the full scoop of what we do down below.

Video strategy

A strategic plan that transforms data into the best possible video solution for your objective.


We create unique video formats that your audience really wants to see.

Video production

Our production studio creates video content, optimised for your relevant video platforms.

Video distribution

We distribute video content to maximise reach and ensure organic growth.

YouTube advertising

We use Google and YouTube data to get quality attention from the right target group.

Brand measurement

We measure, predict and optimise the impact of your video content on brand KPIs.


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