YouTube Strategy

At every stage of the funnel, Team5pm helps you be more successful on YouTube. We help companies achieve mass reach and attention, brand preference, increased purchase intent, sales and conversions. Thanks to our many years of combined experience and the use of data analysis and research, we know exactly what works on YouTube. These insights allow us to make clear strategies that generate real business impact. Our strategies include:

  • Content strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Advertising strategy

Video Topic Intelligence

YouTube is playing an increasingly important role in today’s customer journey. But video is harder and more expensive to create than text and images. How to make sure you spend your budget in the best way possible?

We make data-driven decisions about the topics with the highest potential, format, video length and every other element. We do that with our monthly based product: Video Topic Intelligence. With our unique developed methodology we help brands dominate YouTube and Google search results. Essentially, we have decoded success for help content. It is the result of analysing and optimising each element of YouTube videos and channels that attract, engage and convert viewers.

YouTube Advertising Brands

Campaign Insights

Creativity is the main drive for marketing effectiveness. But data analytics can help to make better decisions. Major marketing campaigns are too often based on assumptions and personal preferences. We believe the most impact will be made by those who combine creativity with data. Through YouTube data analytics we can provide relevant insights derived from video watch and search behaviour from all over the world.

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