YouTube for Publishers

YouTube for (brand) Publishers

As a (brand) publisher you want your reach and brand to grow and keep growing. But how do you do this? YouTube can help you achieve your ultimate goals. With the right YouTube strategy, you as a (brand) publisher can:

  • Increase reach on video content
  • Build a community on YouTube
  • Enhance your ROI on video
  • Build a brand with continuously visible and relevant video content
  • Create a marketing tool for owned platforms

Publisher Prime Video utilizes YouTube successfully

Prime Video is an example of a successful (brand) publisher on YouTube. The streaming platform came to us with the question for a smart YouTube strategy, with which the publisher wanted more awareness among Dutch film/tv fans for their various originals and exclusives. With the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a well thought out advertising strategy as an important flywheel, Prime Video’s YouTube channel underwent a massive growth. Two million hours of watch time, 35.9 million views and 86,000 new subscribers!

Grow as a (brand) publisher on YouTube

At Team5pm we help (brand) publishers to grow and generate revenue with their (existing) content on YouTube. We did this successfully for Dutch (brand) publisher De Telegraaf, for example. Read more about the De Telegraaf case here.
With a data-driven approach, we combine organic and paid promotion, smart distribution and always-on channel management to grow your channel. We make sure your video content is fully optimized for the YouTube algorithm and your target audience. This is how you build a community around your brand on YouTube.

How does a (brand) publisher succeed on YouTube?

Are you a (brand) publisher and do you want to become successful on YouTube? Everything you need to know can be found in our white paper “YouTube for Brands”. We answer the five most frequently asked questions of marketeers about the use of YouTube in their marketing mix. Relevant YouTube insights and cases are discussed, which are the irrefutable proof of the power of YouTube. Download our free white paper ‘YouTube for Brands’ now.

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