YouTube strategy

YouTube Strategy

At every stage of the marketing funnel, YouTube Agency Team5pm helps you be more successful on YouTube, we do that through a YouTube strategy. Based on data. Within such a YouTube strategy we therefore offer various data-driven products: Video Topic Intelligence, Campaign Insights and Performance Analysis. We help brands, publishers and advertisers to achieve mass reach, attention, brand preference, increased purchase intent, sales and conversions. With years of combined experience and the use of data analytics and research, we know exactly what works on YouTube. Thanks to these insights, we create strategies that generate real impact.We offer several types of YouTube strategies:

  • Content strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Advertising strategy

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Video Topic Intelligence

YouTube plays an increasingly important role in today’s customer journey. But video is harder and more expensive to create than text and images. How do you make sure you’re spending your budget in the best way possible?We take the guesswork out of producing video content and make the right, data-driven decisions. Decisions about the topics with the most potential, the right format, the ideal video length and so on! We do this with our monthly product Video Topic Intelligence. With our unique and self-developed methodology, we help brands dominate YouTube and Google search results on a monthly basis. In essence, we decoded the success for help content on YouTube. Our successful approach to generating high-scoring videos is not based on luck or gut feeling.How? Data! Our YouTube experts are constantly analyzing and optimizing your YouTube videos and channels. That’s how you attract viewers, keep them captivated and will ultimately lead them into converting. Learn more about Video Topic Intelligence!

Video Topic Intelligence
Data-driven Influencer Marketing Team5pm YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency

Data-driven Influencer Marketing

The industry around influencer marketing is booming. Yet there seem to be some fundamental flaws within the influencer marketing industry. Influencers are selected based on conflicting interests and the actual impact on brand values remains vague. By basing your influencer marketing campaign on data about your target audience, you can impact brand KPIs and create durable brand ambassadors. Read more about our new service ‘Influencer Intelligence’.

✓ Audience perspective

✓ Bias-free influencer selection

✓ Measurable impact

Measure your video performance

Are you a publisher on YouTube and struggling with the question of how to keep producing innovative, successful video content? We can measure you video performance!Then a performance analysis can be useful! Through a performance analysis the content on your YouTube channel is thoroughly examined. Which videos, formats, topics and channels deliver the best results? As a YouTube publisher you are often faced with content-related questions: “What am I going to create for YouTube?” or “What makes a newly chosen format work or not?” Using data-driven insights, we help you answer these questions. Learn more about the Performance Analysis product! 

YouTube-strategie YouTube strategy Performance Analysis Analyse
More insight in your video campaigns? Video campagnes

Insight into your video campaigns

Creativity is the main driver of marketing effectiveness. But data analytics can help you make better decisions. With our product Campaign Insights, you gain insight into the performance of your video campaigns.Indeed, large marketing campaigns are all too often based on assumptions and personal preferences. YouTube Agency Team5pm believes that the most impact will be made by those who connect creativity with data. Through YouTube data analytics, we can offer relevant insights derived from video viewing and search behavior from around the world.Likewise with the analysis of ad campaigns. Our YouTube specialists are working day in and day out to manage ad campaigns on YouTube. We manage the entire process of your YouTube ad campaigns: strategy, creation, optimization and reporting. We combine the best targeting with the most effective creative. That way we make sure your video gets noticed by the right audience, gets the attention it deserves, and makes an impact on memory. Learn more about Campaign Insights.

Curious about a YouTube Strategy?

  • We help you to become more successful on YouTube
  • As a full service agency 
  • With data-driven consultancy and content creation, which the YouTube algorithm loves



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